web based thin client computing

(c) 2000-01 by Marcus Schiesser and others.
released under the GPL license.

A main part of the project is derived from the weirdx 1.0.23 project - more information at www.jcraft.com

Linuxlord is a client/server architecture to enable web based thin client computing using Linux. After installing Linuxlord you are able to login your linux desktop from everywhere via an java applet running in your web browser. Because of supported compression you can use it even via an dialup connection.

for information and service requests contact the author Marcus Schiesser webmaster@unc.de non development concerned service requests may cost money.


Click here to version 0.1.1 download.


Development page at sourceforge.net

(c) 2001 by Marcus Schießer, Hartmeyerstr.2/114, D-72076 Tuebingen, Germany

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